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“Musicomedians” started in 2000, by initiative of Flavio Oreglio and Luca Bonaffini, who began to analyze the local artistic proposal of that time and to put it in relation with the tradition of the Italian Cabaret.

The crucial question and starting point of everything was: What is it meant with Cabaret today?

The answer was surprising and meaningful: most of the people in Italy in fact identified (and still identify) Cabaret with comedy. As a direct consequence “Cabaret artist” has become a synonym of “comedian”.

But as we know this could not be more wrong, since Cabaret does not mean comedy, or at least it is extremely reductive confining the general sense of Cabaret into the boundaries of the purely comic entertainment. Cabaret is something different and much more combined.

The reasons for this result in Italy are due to the persisting and continuing choice to offer an entertaining proposal based mainly on lightness and banality. This preference led to the present and rooted distortion of the original and true concept of Cabaret. This outcome has been made possible by the general attitude of the local media environment, also spoiling with the time the natural critic approach of the audience that cannot claim for something different because has no precise idea of what can be a different artistic and cultural offer.

“Musicomedians” wants to overcome this situation and bring back in Italy the original spirit of the local Cabaret, starting again from our own tradition of the last century and linking it to the wider European sentiment of the genre.

Since 2000 “Musicomedians” has been active in promoting initiatives, working groups, exhibitions, cultural events and live shows and festivals to keep and expand the public awareness on Cabaret, its intellectual contribution and its importance within the contemporary Italian and European human society.