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“Musicomedians” is a cultural and artistic project that focuses on the tradition of the Italian and European Cabaret. The project, through an activity of both historical retrieval and innovation, aims at:

- rediscovering and presenting in a modern and updated style the spirit of Cabaret’s dawns, through meetings, debates, exhibitions, events, shows and stage festivals;

- reconstructing the genre’s history, through all means and researches both in Italy and abroad (collecting original material and/or direct witnessing), with particular attention to its developing in our country;

- offering an opportunity of direct meeting and dialoguing among the generations, to facilitate the access of younger artists to this extraordinary kind of art.



Perpetuating Cabaret’s tradition means going beyond it, since “going beyond the tradition” represents as a paradox the very core of Cabaret’s tradition, that continuously renovates its languages preserving, at the same time, its own cultural identity.


The project is managed by the no profit, non subsidized and independent cultural Association “Centro Studi Musicomedians”:

Flavio Oreglio, Artistic Director

Giordano Gelati, President –


Flavio Oreglio, the founder of the Association, is a well-know Italian actor, author and musician; his theatre shows, books and TV appearances are inspired by the same traditional spirit of the original “Cabaret Artistique” (chanson, satire and poetry). He has recently published (in cooperation with the Italian songwriter Giangilberto Monti) the book “The true history of Cabaret” (Garzanti Editore), revisiting the journey of this artistic expression from its beginnings in Montmartre through the Chat Noir, Salis, Goudou and Bruant up to the recent days. This book benefited by the support of the Archives of the Association “Centro Studi Musicomedians”.


Click here to download the Statute of the Association (in Italian).